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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?
We offer service in and around Fairfield County. Please use our address validator, found on the home page, to see if we come to your home or workplace.
How does it work?
Getting the laundry done with Soapbox is as easy! Just follow these steps: #1) Confirm we serve your address by entering it in the search box, on the first page of this website #2) Sign up for service and place an order online or via our mobile app #3) Give your dirty laundry to our driver #4) Receive your clean & folded laundry That's it!
How long until I get my clean laundry delivered?
We offer same day / next day service for $1.75 per lb. Need to get your delivered sooner? We can approve special requests... just ask!
What forms of payment do you accept?
For residential orders, we accept credit/debit cards. For commercial orders, we can accept checks or credit/debit cards.
Is there an order minimum?
There's a 10 lbs minimum. For example, if you send 8 lbs, we'll charge your $17.50 (10 lbs * $17.50).
Do I need to use special bags for Soapbox Laundry?
Not at all! We recommend using one of our Soapbox Laundry reusable bags. You may also decide to use your own laundry baskets or trash bag. We will return reusable bags/ hampers with each laundry order.
Do I need to be home when my laundry is picked up?
You can choose to leave your laundry in a secure location such as your front or back porch. Please note that laundry left out unattended is at your own risk.